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Solzar is the leading designer and manufacturer of solar power systems. Our leading-edge solar power systems provides communications, utility, enterprise, and government industries with the most reliable, technologically advanced and cost-effective solar powering solutions available. Solzar’s unique approach enables scalable systems at many levels, to shift solar power systems from an "alternative" to a mainstream energy source.

Based in Santa Clara, California, USA, Solzar is a privately held, venture capital backed company accelerating solar power systems scalability and significantly improving grid connected and off grid solar power systems for outdoor and indoor applications.


Core Values

Result Oriented
We are not measured by our activities, only the sum of them. The establishment of clear and measurable goals throughout every area of our company provides the foundation of a performance-based atmosphere.

Honesty and Integrity
Integrity must not be compromised. Honest relationships and trust are essential for long-term business success. We deal fairly in all our business relations.

Continuous Improvement
Continuous improvement is pervasive throughout every department at Intandem. Our system is measurable and focused on customer satisfaction, defect prevention and elimination, and process management and control. Our culture of continuous improvement involves a total commitment to quality, innovation, teamwork, and effective training at all levels. The integrity of strong peer-based committees and workgroups, continually monitoring for more effective and efficient methods to deliver value have contributed to our success in effectively meeting the needs of our customers.

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